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Customers and Their Value
Feb 27 2013 - 09:42:00 am
As a consumer, we all have many choices -- where to shop, what brands to wear, what foods to eat. Some businesses seem to genuinely appreciate our choice to give them a shot or remain loyal, and some seem as though they couldn't care less (or at least that it's inconsequential). Given that here in America we have so many choices, it's pretty safe to say that customer service and customer appreciation are pretty important. 

Everyone occasionally dines at a restaurant where the staff half-heartedly yells, "Welcome to X..." or shouts a hollow, "Thanks for coming," as you shuffle out the door. The intention is there. Someone, somewhere along the line thought it was important for customers to know they are appreciated. However, the 'thank you' is executed by employees who maybe don't realize that it's the customers who give them a job. On the upside, such events really make us appreciate genuinely excellent customer service.  

Here at ezTask, we want you to know that you are genuinely appreciated. From our sales process all the way down to our customer support, we make every effort to show you that we're glad you chose us. We want to hear from you...how can we do better? We are grateful that you trust your website and your web hosting to us, and we want to be sure you know it!

We know you have tons of options, and we sincerely thank you for choosing ezTask.
Takeaways from TCEA
Feb 20 2013 - 09:25:00 am
According to Edtech, TCEA is pretty valuable. Check out this article and join us next year (even if you're not from Texas...this year, Canadians were in high attendance!). Are you a Texan? Now's the time to be proud! Edtech in Texas has improved and moved from barely enough to impressive -- see it here.

More bits from TCEA...how celebrity chef Jeff Henderson found success, and How to Survive in the Education Revolution (for teachers). 

ezTask and TCEA 2013

Finally, of all things, we caught some pretty cool ideas about social media technology. Have you considered Twitter as a tool for curation? Sure, it seems that often the medium doesn't seem to turn up much more than celebrity gossip and current event rants...but Twitter in education has some serious possibilities. Encourage students to sift through the web looking for facts on a topic or for fresh solutions to existing problems, then have them tweet their findings. Journalism students can become sources of news for other students and even the community at large. Encourage students to look around and post what they find -- then encourage them to blog and point their followers to their own writings.

These days, everyone is a curator and a publisher. Students looking to become successful in this line of work can begin right away, gaining experience and credibility in the process. Researchers, writers, scientists, journalists, and many other interests can be fostered by use of Twitter to publish and disseminate information. 

Learn to love the bird, and beware the dreaded "fail whale". :)

It's V-Day tomorrow!
Feb 13 2013 - 02:46:00 pm
Still stumped about what to get your special someone this year? Fret not! We've compiled a top 5 list of some way cool (and even better...some free!), heartfelt gifts for the tech lover in your life.

1. First of all (and free!) is Lovestagram. The website generates a love story out of you and your lovey's shared Instagram photos. How sweet!

2. Remember those single-word refrigerator magnets that you used to create random messages? Here's the tech version! Apple users can download the app to create sweet poetry with romantic backgrounds. 

3. Forgot flower delivery? Fret not! You can still have H. Bloom deliver roses or whatever you wish until 5pm tonight! 

4. Now here's an interesting one...Swarovski has a heart pendant that is actually a USB key! For the lady who loves jewelry...and her files.

5. Finally, head on over to Amazon.com for some techno-cufflinks! One is a Wifi hotspot and the other is a 2GB USB drive. Now that's creativity. Show him you care!

To all the lovebirds out there, congratulations and enjoy your night. To all the single ladies (and men!)...see you at the chocolate sales tomorrow! 
Feb 06 2013 - 02:56:00 pm
Hey everyone, we'll be at TCEA 2013 this week. Come check us out at booth #2150 for a free gift...we hope to see you there!