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Top 3 Reasons to ezBlog
Jul 31 2013 - 10:11:00 am
The introduction of blogging has changed the game for anyone seeking knowledge. Thanks to the reach of the internet, people from all walks of life can bothezTask.com ezBlogging tool! publish and explore all kinds of information helpful to audiences around the globe. Take foodies for example. Since the beginning of time, many have enjoyed tinkering with new ideas and recipes in the kitchen. Previously, the means of sharing one's findings was limited to recommending cookbooks, exchanging notes, and compiling (completely illegible) hand-written recipes. Today, wannabe cooks dabbling in every cuisine, from every country, and with any purpose (healthy living, feeding a crowd, home entertaining) have both resources for learning and an audience with which to share their own findings. 

Blogging has unmatched applications for the classroom as well. In our opinion, here are the top three reasons why:

1. Enhanced Communication
Without classroom blogs, the only means of communication between parents and teachers is face-to-face (those dreaded after-hours meetings) or by way of hand-delievered documents via the student. To put it mildly, both of these methods leave a lot to be desired. Most papers never make it home, and teachers and parents are far too exhausted at the end of a workday to talk about Johnny or Jane at a meaningful level. Enter blogs. Parents can read at their leisure, and teachers can post when it's convenient.

2. Supporting the Child

Utilizing blogs means the best of both worlds for the student. Children need a strong web of support that carries over from the school through to the home. Blogs make the most of a technology the majority of parents are already using personally, so the transition is easy and comfortable. Teachers can easily bridge the gaps left by traditional communication, making their jobs easier while simultaneously gaining much-needed support from home.

3. Security and Efficiency 
With the right tool in place, teachers without spare time or any kind of technical savvy can enjoy easily enjoy all the benefits of blogging. In far less time than it takes to arrange quarterly parent-teacher nights, teachers can provide parents with daily classroom updates and happenings. Our ezBlogs are secure and comment controlled, which ensure a safe and positive environment. Teachers can post everything from classroom media (giving parents a "window into the classroom") to quizzes, homework assignments, events, and both pressing and day-to-day updates quickly, safely, and securely. 

Hobbyists, weekend warriors, and squelched creatives have access to endless intelligence on their subject of choice, and students benefit from the full support of their family and leaders. The Information Age and technology both have drawbacks, but the benefits within the school system can be outstanding! 
Is Your Website Worth it?
Jul 08 2013 - 02:36:00 pm

Could you be getting more for your website budget dollar? Now is a great time to evaluate your investment.  

Whether you love or hate summer, you've got to hand it to the 4 hottest months of the year for causing most to reconsider their priorities. Is it worth it to venture into the sweltering heat, or... would I rather just sit here and ice down my wrists? Important decisions must be made in the summer.This time is a perfect opportunity to refresh your website. Whether you are in the Education or Local Government sector, these months usually mean web traffic slows a decent bit, at least enough to make some housekeeping tasks possible. This may mean revamping content, investing in redesign, or adding pages, calendars, or other online resources that make your website more of a resource for your visitors. 

What is your website missing? Take the time to evaluate where you might be able to add value and functionality for your visitors. In fact, just let us do it for you! Call us today, and we'll evaluate your website for FREE! 

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